Heard a lot of things about invoice factoring? What is the truth?

Debunking Invoice Factoring Myths by Peyton ThompsonBusiness Development and Marketing at Allied Affiliated Funding Myth 1: The only businesses that use invoice factoring are those in serious… Read More +

4 Reasons Why Companies Use Factoring by Joel Flig, EVP and Principal of Allied Affiliated Funding

Factoring remains one of the oldest types of financing dating back to the Babylonian era. This type of financing helped traders to continue to buy and sell inventory in good and bad business times. I… Read More +

Voted Best Place to Work

Allied Affiliated Funding has been Voted the Best Place to Work From the moment you arrive at Allied, we hope you see and feel what we see and feel: a hard working team with high energy that creates a rhy… Read More +

Summary of the Economy, by David Lau of Allied Affiliated Funding 4Q2016

The Front View This is the fourth of many quarterly articles summarizing the viewpoint and opinions of the economy. I am not an economist, but have a love for it as it affects our daily lives. We will st… Read More +

Top 4 Reasons Companies Choose to Factor Their Invoices

As customers take longer to pay, what can a business owner do to protect their company and the employees that work for them? Businesses that sell to other businesses on trade terms often become a sour… Read More +
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