What is it like to work together with Allied? Explore below and find out directly from real people.

Consulting Company

Mike Bassi talks about launching a new opportunity with working capital from Allied
Invoice Factoring Mike Bassi

Transport Company

Craig and Brandi Scott reflect on their Allied factoring experience, built on a solid relationship for over a decade.
Invoice Factoring Craig Scott

Technology Services Company

Stan discusses his company’s growth and need for funding to meet his new customer orders.
Invoice Factoring Stan Hayes

Commercial Banker

Derek discusses his banking experience and his partnership with Allied to secure funding for Derek’s banking clients.
Banker Invoice Factoring Derek Blount

Telecom Staffing & Recruitment

Adrianna discusses her staffing company and the flexibility that Allied provides to her.
Staffing Invoice Factoring

Outsourced Accounting/Financing Services

Abby discusses her referral partnership with Allied.
Referral Partner Invoice Factoring

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