For Bankers

At Allied, we partner with bankers to create a win-win situation for the bank and your customers. A referral arrangement with Allied allows a bank to provide a receivables financing or asset-based alternative for their customers and prospects who could not otherwise receive financing.

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Connect Your Customers with a Fast Funding Source

Why leave a customer or prospect without a funding solution when you can connect them with a financing partner such as Allied? With Allied, the banker can gain an inside track on obtaining deposit accounts and offering other financial services, as well as lending opportunities when the client becomes bankable again. Listen to banker Darek Blount review his experience with Receivables Factoring for his clients with Allied Affiliated Funding.

“When bank financing is not an option, we have found Allied to be an excellent source of alternative funding for companies. Their creativity and first-rate responsiveness really helps companies that find themselves in a tight cash position.”

Executive Vice President, Texas bank

What’s in it for me?

  • Add value to clients and potential clients by finding them a cash flow solution.
  • Focus on establishing cross-selling opportunities for other bank products while Allied handles the working capital.
  • Keep existing business where clients may have customer concentrations that can be financed through Allied.
  • Monitor the credit worthiness of the client, and, at any time during the term of the financing relationship, move the client into a traditional bank facility without the client paying a termination fee.
  • Refer existing client relationships who no longer meet the bank’s credit standards to Allied, creating a quick exit strategy and a seamless transition for the client.
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Allied’s Fundings Come with Our 100% Commitment

The overall success of Allied’s referral program is largely determined by the strength of the bank’s commitment to and endorsement of Allied as their preferred receivable financing or asset-based lending alternative. The Allied team is 100% committed and eager to work with the bank’s business bankers to create a win-win situation for all.

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We Make Receivables Financing Easy for the Customer and the Bank

After a brief discussion with the bank or banker, Allied customizes a referral program that fits within the specific bank and banker’s needs and objectives. This is all part of Allied’s general approach for building a successful bank referral program.

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A Nationwide, Turnkey Program You Can Trust

Allied offers referral relationships with banks across America. We currently partner with more than 30 different banks across the United States to provide a highly tailored, turnkey process that allows the banks to provide an alternative lending solution to their clients that do not, for various reasons, meet the bank’s credit criteria.

Become a bank referral partner today. Call us toll free at 1-877-404-9904.