Factoring and Asset Based Lending Facilities

Whether you are a business broker, financial advisor, CPA, or insurance agent, Allied can enhance the way you do business. For every customer you refer to us, Allied pays you a commission, in some cases for the life of the account. All you have to do is provide us with their name and phone number. We arrange the receivables financing or asset-based loan, and you, the referral source, receive the commission.

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Connect Your Customers to Asset-Based Loans

The overall success of Allied’s referral program is largely determined by the strength of the referral partner’s commitment to and endorsement of Allied as their preferred receivables financing or asset-based lending alternative. The Allied team is 100% committed and eager to work with our referral partners to create a win-win situation for all parties. See Abby Fuqua of Venturity Financial Partners review her referral partner relationship with Allied Affiliated Funding.

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Your Client Receives Funding, You Receive a Commission

Selecting Allied as your funding partner allows referral sources to:

  • Help your client by finding a quick and seamless cash flow solution for their business
  • Monitor the credit worthiness of the client and, at any time during the term of the financing relationship, move the client into a conventional bank line of credit without the client paying a termination fee
  • Earn ongoing commissions for referred deals
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A Turnkey Program

Allied currently partners with a wide variety of referral partners across the nation to provide a highly tailored, turnkey process that allows you to provide an alternative lending solution to your clients.

Become a referral partner today. Call us toll free at 1-877-404-9904.

We have just completed our fourth major transaction backed by Allied. Allied’s ability to understand various industries and structures has proven invaluable in closing these transactions.

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