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Factoring Invoices for Food Distribution Companies

Food Distribution and Logistics Company Factors Invoices with a $1,000,000 Facility from Allied Affiliated Funding

Date Closed: 6/10/16

Facility Amount: $1,000,000

The Company: This is a multi-state food packing and same-day distribution company for personalized food delivery services. Their tracking technology and specialized packing and shipping equipment makes them a low-cost alternative to larger shipping companies.

The Issue: The company spent a significant amount of money to ensure a successful launch of the business back in 2014. To mitigate this cost, they have raised more than half a million in investments to date, with plans to raise even more before the end of this year. However, fundraising alone would not cover all of their current expenses.

The Solution: Hearing of Allied’s fast funding process, competitive rates and flexible funding structures, the company approached Allied for financial assistance. Allied quickly provided a funding solution that will allow the business to overcome anticipated growing pains by providing them with adequate cash flow.

The Win: This Funding By Allied will provide the company financial peace of mind as they continue to push boundaries in a tough logistics market.

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