Top 5 Invoice Factoring Questions

How does factoring work?

Simple 3 Step Process.

We understand that Invoice Factoring can be confusing. We make it a very simple process for you. We have a quick Invoice Factoring Video that explains everything or give us a call 1-972-776-5300.

I’ve heard factoring is very expensive. How much does it cost?

Less than you would think.

We can help you with an exact answer. It depends on the volume, quantity of customers and your industry. It probably costs less than the prompt pay discounts you are offering your customers. Get fast funding today!

What will my customers think?

Invoice Factoring is a funding tool.

Most customers don’t think anything about it because the notice letters are sent to an accounts payable clerk in most cases and not your contact issuing the POs and contracts. Factoring will enable you to quickly take on new growth opportunities or respond to unexpected challenges.

How long does it take to get funded?

Often times, we can fund in one week to ten days.

Our process is simple and we understand the urgency. Our goal is to fund our clients within a week to ten days. Then we offer same day funding options once you become an Allied client.

What do you need from me to get started?

A phone call or email.

Let’s get on the phone to discuss it 1-972-776-5300 or we can contact you. We can answer your questions and quickly put together a funding to meet your particular needs. A conversation will allow us to tailor the items needed together and make it easy as possible for you. Every solution is custom.

Allied can approve you in less than 24 hours. Call us toll free at 1-972-776-5300.

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Allied was the first and only financial partner that brought us solutions to our capital issue needs.

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